What Our Gym Offers

Strength Training

At SOFX we offer 3 strength training formats: upper body, lower body and SOFX Burn (which is total body strength endurance). For optimal strength and fitness, our strength training program is set up into 4 phases: stabilization, hypertrophy, maximum strength and power. Our strength training is intentional and focused so you can get optimal results safely.

SOFX Kickbox

SOFX Kickbox is a high energy class that mixes fun kickbox combos, strength training and cardio/conditioning. You will get a total body workout, scorch calories and will keep coming back for more!


At SOFX we offer 2 cardio/conditioning formats: SOFX Fire and SOFX Ignite. You will use body weight, dumbbells, bands, kettlebells or medicine balls to drive that heart rate and burn calories. Bring your water bottle, high fives and be ready to sweat!


At SOFX we offer 2 yoga formats: yin restorative and vinyasa flow. Come work on mobility, flexibility, balance and mindfulness in our calming yoga studio. We have yoga mats, blocks, straps and blankets for members to use.

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