Strength Training

Strength Training Near Me In Loch Buie


SOFX Burn is a total body strength endurance class. Endurance training will help you to build stamina and through this type of training your body will gradually be able to withstand longer exercise routines. Lasting benefits include weight loss, increased strength, better health, and overall lifestyle improvement. SOFX Burn classes are held on Wednesdays.

SOFX Upper Body & Lower Body Strength

SOFX Upper body and Lower Body Strength classes focus either on lower body exercises or upper body exercises. SOFX applies the NASM OPT model in our strength training programming. This model is a planned, systematic, and periodized training program. The OPT model simultaneously improves all physical abilities, such as flexibility, muscular and aerobic endurance, core stabilization, balance, muscular strength, coordination, and power.

The OPT model is also extremely successful in helping clients and athletes from diverse populations reduce their body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve athletic performance and overall health. It is an evidence-based model, meaning it has been tested and validated both in a laboratory setting and with real-life clients and athletes (DiStefano et al., 2013). Upper body strength classes are on Mondays and Lower Body Strength classes are on Fridays.

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