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    SOFX Fire

    SOFX Burn

    SOFX Kickbox

    SOFX Ignite

    Upper Body Strength


    SOFX Fire: This class will get your heart rate up with conditioning & strength movements targeting your upper body, lower body and core. You will scorch calories, rev up your metabolism & leave this class sweaty & feeling good.

    SOFX Burn: This class is a high volume total body strength class. This high rep class will work your upper body and lower body muscles while challenging your strength endurance. You will leave feeling ready to conquer the day.

    SOFX Ignite: This class focuses on working your core: abdominals, obliques, back, glutes and balance.

    Our Upper Body Strength and Lower Body Strength classes are traditional strength classes that incorporate exercises: squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, pull ups, push press and so much more. What sets our strength program apart is that we periodize our program for better strength results. It is a four month period from which each month will focus on one stage in the NASM OPT model: stabilization, hypertrophy, maximum strength and power.

    Our yoga program includes yin yoga and vinyasa yoga.

    What do people say about us?

    • I can’t begin to describe how much this gym means to my family. After a year of Covid, stress and hardships the owners welcomed us with hope and open (and very toned) arms. Unlike many other gyms, the environment is unconditionally supportive and empowering. The owners and even other members will help you with your form and cheer you on. My daughter and I were anxious to join and sign up for classes. We soon realized that we had no reason to feel nervous. This gym offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of experience. From yoga to weights this gym offers it all. You can be a pro or a novice and still be comfortable at the gym and benefit from the classes. Whoever you are, whatever your goals, no matter your experience: SOFX is the gym for you.

    • I love being a member at this gym! The owners, Sarah and Jason, are absolutely wonderful people. The classes are structured well. I like that there is a set workout everyone is doing. The workouts can be done on pace together or other times you are working at your own pace. However, the workouts aren’t a piece of cake. You’re going to have to work for your goals. That also means you are able to modify what you need to in order to get the work done. I was hesitant at first because new gyms and people can be intimidating. I would encourage you to give it a try. If you’re on the shy side, say hi to anyone. Everyone is so nice!

    • I appreciate the flexible payment options and the variety of awesome classes offered. It allows me to manage and meet my exercise needs.

    • Challenging workouts in a fun motivating environment! What more could you want??




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    Call or Text: 720-840-9515

    2313 Prairie Center Parkway, Brighton, CO 80601